Cookies policy

IB Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. with the registered seat in Warsaw, at ul. Mokotowska 49, 00-542 Warsaw (‘Administrator’) uses cookies being IT data, in particular small text files, recorded and stored on devices, via which you can use the website of the Administrator ( The cookies used by the Administrator are safe for your devices. In particular, no viruses, any other unwanted software or malicious software can access your devices this way. The cookie files help identify the software that you use and individually adjust the website. Cookies usually include the name of the domain from which they originate, the duration of their storage on your device and the assigned value.

The Administrator uses two kinds of cookies:

  • session cookies – they are stored on your device and remain there until the browser’s session ends; then, the recorded information is permanently removed from your device’s memory;
  • persistent cookies – they are stored on your device and remain there until they are deleted; they are not removed when the session of a given browser ends or a device is turned off.

You can limit or prohibit the access of cookies to your device. In this case you will be able to use the Administrator’s website but its certain functions that need access to cookies can be unavailable.

Cookie files are used exclusively to enable you fully use the functionality of the website and help identify your browser during the use of the website

You can change the settings of cookies at any time on your own by specifying the conditions of their storage and getting access to your device. Any changes of the settings referred to in the previous sentence can be made via the settings of your browser or by the configuration of a service. In particular, the settings can be changed so as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the settings of the Internet browser or to inform of their placement on your device every time. Any detailed information about the options and methods of handling cookies is available in the settings of the software (Internet browser).

The website does not collect your information on an automatic basis, except for the information included in the cookie files.

Please use the latest versions of Internet browsers in order to properly and effectively use the website